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Hi ladies, we specialise in the preservation and care of designer bags & hats.

No more make-ups stains on your hats and in your bags. Our happy team of hard-working technicians will always take great care in preserving and keeping your bags and hats looking fresh and in superb condition.

We understand the serious effort taken by ladies to keep their designer bags very clean and looking fresh and new.

This same thinking is why 7th Halo™ was created.

We know at 7th Halo™ that the preservation alongside the quality of care must be given to each designer bag and all other expensive items.

This is not only necessary more importantly, it’s absolutely paramount.

How nice is it knowing that your investment in an item especially one as beautiful and expensive such as a designer bag is protected?

Good news ladies!

It’s very important that the money invested in your bag isn’t lost by poor care and mistreatment of your item.

This is why our specialist’s team of technicians always take pride in focusing their professional skills to ensure that the very highest standards of care are given to the cleaning and handling of every separate designer bag or item.

We always take great pleasure in the service of your items.

Giving all items a special  7th Halo™ shine.

We believe and know that we are privileged, yet remain very humbled to be of service in this regards.

We will always continue to offer a service that provides a strong focus on preservation, this enables us to secure the very highest standards of service with the preservation and care when cleaning each item.

Simply put our aim is to keep every customer happy with each item serviced at it’s absolute best, after all, reputation is said to be everything, and we agree.

For the gents,

We wouldn’t dare ignore you, our research indicates that many men have a collection of snapbacks with other hats sitting at home collecting dust in the back of the wardrobe.

These hats could really benefit from a little TLC.

We at 7th Halo™

Have a  team of specialists who will ensure that each of your snapback hats will be cleaned and returned back to you in an exceptional condition, after using our services.

We will send a driver to collect your item and return the item back to you after the service.

21 Park Royal Rd London NW10 7LQ

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