DD cup size and can’t find a style you like in your size?

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WE LOVE IT!DD cup size and can’t find a style you like in your size? Problem solved! Read what Founder Nicole Kanjere says on the website. Very inspiring!“For a long time I have had to either sacrifice my style of lingerie for whichever bra I could find in my size or money for an expensive set I liked. Sometimes I squeezed into bras that didn’t fit me just to wear a particular style until I learnt the amazing benefits of wearing a perfect fitting bra and the various brands out there that offer both style and comfort at a price I could afford.My clothes fit better, I felt lighter because the support was finally there and my focus was not on how uncomfortable or in pain I was because of my HH cup size. I want women to feel the same way so I want to share my knowledge of the different brands out there that are affordable and stylish.

DD cup size and can’t find a style you like in your size? Map

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