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“My fascination with interesting textures and prints and love for expressing my vibrant dynamic culture is projected through every piece made. Thank you for embracing my bursts of creativity."
- Aasiyah (founder).
AleroJasmine is the middle name of the founder of the brand. Alero is the name given to first born daughters of Itsekiri (a Nigerian ethnic group) families. It means that the foundation to blossom has been set. Jasmine is the befitting floral suffix.
AleroJasmine has grown from its serendipitous start into a brand unique and versatile tastes, embracing details, intricate patterns and matching sets providing aspirational but affordable ethical designs #AleroAeshetic.
We hope to evoke a sense of excitement and discovery with each piece made.
All of our pieces are designed by the owner, materials ethically sourced and handmade by a curated group of Lagosian artisans.


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AleroJasmine is a UK-based handmade-clothing line  Map

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