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I founded SO London Boutique roughly 5 years ago. I fell in love with African fabrics when a relative

bought back some fabric from The Gambia and I kept it in my cupboard for months not knowing what to

do with it. I had previously started a fashion course back in 2005 but wasn’t able to complete it as I had

an amazing opportunity to go on my first tour as a backing vocalist with Natasha Bedingfield.

Years later my love for fashion was still going strong so I decided I needed to reignite the flame!

A friend of mine agreed to give me sewing lessons and showed me howto use a sewing machine and

taught me how make a basic skirt and dress pattern. After a few months of learning I continued teaching

myself and wearing what I had made which lead to me receiving requests for a skirt or a dress, so decided I would take this new skill more seriously and make clothing for other women.

SO… here we are! I used my initials in my brand name ‘SO’ and ‘London’ because London is where my dreams were born, it’s my home town and I think the people of London are SO stylish, unique and diverse and some of the best dressed in Europe.

I choose African fabrics because of the clashing colours and vibrant detail. When people see the prints their eyes light up and that’s the effect I want to have on women who wear my clothes. I added faux leather to my pieces to dirty it up a little bit and to give an edge to it. I think that is London style on a whole. I don’t think anything is perfect until there is a roughness to it.

You have to be brave to wear bold prints as apart of your everyday wardrobe and I would like to think that my clothing will give other ladies the confidence to stand out and express themselves through how they put their outfits together and for an outfit to be and extension of their personality!

Anyway that’s enough from me! Get shopping!!!

SO London xx

(Stephanie Oyerinde)

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