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Jah Blue is a great cook. Growing up in the rich abundant lands of Jamaica in the fifties, sixties and seventies, he learnt from the best using the best ingredients.
A waterfront rasta man, his homeland was Long Bay Portland Jamaica with it’s rich agricultural land, abundant ocean and fresh water rivers.

Foods like yellow yam, fresh coconut, delicious fish, both fresh and salted, ackee, roast breadfruit, goat and cassava. Steamy tropical jungles full of exotic herbs and spices like chocolate, coffee and nutmeg.

It just so happens that his home parish is famous for a very special seasoning steeped in a rich history. It is the famous Jamaican Jerk and anyone who loves spicy food will love the rich woody flavours and taste of the authentic Jamaican Jerk. Read more about the history of Jamaican Jerk sauce.

Settling in Australia in the early eighties, he now lives in the beautiful Byron Shire, another paradise on earth. Long Bay Portland and Byron Bay Australia, have many similarities. They both attract a lot of foreign tourists, have an rich culture and are naturally beautiful. When he goes back home to visit his family and friends in Jamaica and the United States they all come for miles to see him and share his food.

Anyone who has been lucky enough to feast on Jah Blue’s food will all say there is one ingredient that sets it apart and that is the love he puts into his pot. This one ingredient takes it to another level. Try marinating your fish, meat or vegetables with his version of Jamaican Jerk Sauce at your next barbecue and give your guests something different.

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