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I started Special Touch Designs in the summer of 2015 whilst on maternity leave with my second child, mainly out of frustration around the lack of representation in the greeting cards industry. I wanted to find a card for a friend who had just had a baby and couldn’t find one with a black baby or one that reflected her and her family and this beautiful occasion - so I made one myself and Special Touch Designs was born.I love all things paper and when you couple that with the vibrancy of African wax print fabric you get a unique and contemporary Special Touch Designs card. Each card is individually made in my home studio in Kent.I have carefully sourced the best board and hand picked each fabric to give you a truly one of a kind greeting card. You won't find cards like these anywhere else.Giving a card on any occasion is about spreading love and drawing a smile, giving a Special Touch Design card does just that plus so much more. It gives you a glimpse of the fusion of African and western cultures and promotes the beauty of Africa in a modern and contemporary way.

15 Arlington Close, Sidcup, GB DA15 8JW

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 colourful and beautiful African inspired greeting cards for all occasions. Map

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