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Published 11-05-19

Big Nanny

290 Moston Lane, Manchester, M40 9WB
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I started making my own hair products at the age of just 13 yrs old.  I would watch my mother extract the Oil from the castor plant seeds to make hair oil for her family and friends in the community.  My mother’s Castor Oil had a wonderful rich and nutty odour and was a beautiful honey colour.  My hair was very long in those days and I would experiment with the various natural oils I had access to in order to concoct numerous recipes.

BIG Nanny arrived in England in 1962 and continued to make her own hair products.  When her second child was born a girl whom she named Althea, she cared for her hair daily which at its longest was tailbone length.  Her third child Karen also enjoyed the fruits of BIG Nanny’s labour as did her grandchildren and great grandchildren. BIG Nanny’s Hair Oil is now used by 4 generations of her family.  It was not until BIG Nanny reached the age of 78 that her daughter Althea encouraged and helped her to turn the decades of experimenting, experience and knowledge gained with formulating natural oils into a business. BIG Nanny and her daughter Althea now both manufacture the oils. The business is called BIG Nanny’s Hair Products after BIG Nanny herself.  She wasn’t always so called though, BIG Nanny was named BIG Nanny by one of her great granddaughters and this eventually stuck with her.

BIG Nanny’s Hair Oils are now in demand and very popular in the UK, they are used by people with many different hair types from bone straight European and Asian hair to mixed heritage hair and Afro Hair and by both male and female.  The results have been phenomenal and our only claims are that of the many positive testimonials we have received.  BIG Nanny’s are invested in by people from all walks of life who are enjoying the benefits of BIG Nanny’s Hair Oil, so you can too.

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