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'Ricco London apparel is more than just a clothing brand spreading optimism''

When did you realise that you want to pursue a career in fashion?

We'll I grew up watching my mother design clothes. She owned a small fashion boutique just outside of the capital in Ghana, West Africa. That was where I spent most of my time as a child. Since then fashion has always been a big influence in my life, especially when I am working on my magazines ''Splurge Magazine'' or graphic design projects. A few years back I came up with a brand called Loco Clothing. At that time, 5 years ago, there were almost no fashion brands that were run by young creatives. I didn't really know what I was doing, I just knew I wanted to create a clothing brand that represented the modern youth culture. Although after gaining some popularity I decided to take the brand down as I felt it was missing something. Since then I have spent my time researching and watching other fashion brands grow. Some became really successful other still in what I call survival mode.

How was the idea for the brand born?

At first, when working on Loco Clothing I printed onto a few t-shirts for myself and my DJ friends, who run events in the town. People went crazy for them. Everyone was asking about it.

I kept getting good feedback about the brand, so I became highly motivated to develop the brand – for myself, and it's community. Since I took Loco clothing down my aim has been to develop it before officially launching it. Along the way the brand name changed and became RICCO.

What is the message behind RICCO London?

RICCO is all about independence. The meaning of the word comes from ancient Latin translating to ''A young boy with a big imagination'' and it also comes from my childhood nickname Richicco in short RICCO. I feel the meaning behind the word best describes my personality and the image I want for the brand.

What difficulties did you face when launching the brand?

Finding the first printing houses, fabric suppliers and learning all the basic stuff behind developing and running a fashion brand was the big mystery. I had no economic background either. RICCO is built on instinct. I was not afraid to ask for advice and I listened carefully to professionals. Now I face different problems – how to organise the business, how to work with people and how to scale the brand to a worldwide level.


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