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LOC Boxing Camps
Supervised directly by Mr Lennox Lewis, LOC Boxing Camps offer intensive development in boxing and life skills to develop the “Next Generation of Champions”. The camps are offered free of charge, and campers receive all meals, basic training gear and the boxing program and techniques used by the Champ and his coaching team. There are two types of camp:

Youth Boxing Camps
These one-week camps are held during summer and Christmas breaks in Jamaica and Canada (USA and UK locations to come). Designed for underserved youth aged 9 – 17, the camps strive to instill a high level of discipline, self-esteem and confidence through the World of Boxing. A combination of fun and learning, LOC Youth Boxing Camps are staffed 100% by volunteers including trained social intervention professionals and LOC Pro boxers, who direct the boxing program.

LOC Pro Development Camps
These camps offer intensive technical development for amateur and professional boxers. The program is run by Team Undisputed, the personal team of former Olympians, active professional boxers, world champions and other professionals who worked with The Undisputed World Champion, Lennox Lewis during his career.

Nutrition & Physical Health
This program utilizes the sport of boxing to help get our participants and their families in shape. Knights in the Ring will host family-friendly fitness sessions to get everyone moving. The program shows families that they do not need a ring to BOB & WEAVE! Beginning with a few demonstrations participants will learn to move like a champion, by jumping rope, sit-ups, push-ups, and shadow boxing. In addition, participants will discover how to eat balanced and nutritious meals with the foods that are available to them within their communities.

Character/Life Skills Development
The mentoring and character building program is for youth ages 9-17. The program helps to prepare boys for manhood by teaching them the life skills needed to become productive citizens in their communities and enlisting professionals from the sport, corporate, and academic industries to educate them on the importance of honesty, integrity, responsibility, and leadership. Participants will also learn the difference of communicating professionally vs. socially, and the importance of service, caring for others, and having a healthy moral compass (making right decisions).

Career Exploration
Knights in the Ring will use the World of Boxing and Tourism to help guide the participants through this career exploration program.

Academic Preparedness
The homework labs will be held after-school and on weekends and will focus on the academic core subjects that students need to master for high school graduation and to move on to university if they choose.


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