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It’s a delight to welcome you to The Eden SDA School and as you experience a taste of Eden through the content on this website. I hope that you will catch a glimpse of the joys of learning, the fun of togetherness, the excitement of new challenges, the thrills of success and achievement and the peace and contentment of self-development and self-esteem.

We focus on not only improving our students academically but more importantly, emotionally and spiritually – growing our students’ self-belief, self-knowledge and understanding that they are special, unique, made in the image of God with a distinct purpose and role to contribute to our society.

We believe that children are always learning and that behind a desk is not the one and only way to be taught. Therefore, we strive to find unusual, creative, rich and inspiring ways to enhance learning in and out of the classroom environs.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that our students fulfil their God-given potential; be the very best they can be and to actively participate in being educated for now and for eternity.

Gunnersbury Sports Ground Park Place, Acton, W3 8JY

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