Jewellery & Accessories

Hype-Diamonds Hype-Diamonds

  • Publish Date: 19-11-19
  • Price: £35.00

Based in Spain and the USA. UU, Hypediamonds is here to offer top quality and affordable Hip Hop jewelry. The HypeDiamonds team is made up of 2 jewelers who were in the jewellery business for more than 15 years. We are so sure of our experience that we…

Based in Spain and the USA.…

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Red-Prestige Red-Prestige

  • Publish Date: 16-10-19
  • Price: £37.00

RED PRESTIGE is a provider of exclusive high-end street wear.  It is created in order to serve passionate individuals manifesting their true identities.

RED PRESTIGE is a provider of…

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17 jewellers 17 jewellers

  • Publish Date: 23-07-19
  • Price: Free

A fine jewellery company based in Birmingham, West Midlands - specialising in bespoke mouth jewellery & orthodontic retainers. Designing & creating mouth jewellery for clients across the UK and around the world. High-quality craftsmanship and…

A fine jewellery company based…

Experience in Years: 3

Job type: Full-time

Company: 17JEWELLERS

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Tylis Woman Tylis Woman

  • Publish Date: 27-04-19
  • Price: Free

We create bespoke gorgeous hand craft using traditional metal-smithing techniques. Modern. Trendy. Beautiful. Touch by an artisan...made from the heart.

We create bespoke gorgeous…

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Semi Precious customade bracelets Semi Precious customade…

  • Publish Date: 23-06-18
  • Price: £10.00

Semi precious gemstone bracelets custom designed as specifications 

Semi precious gemstone…

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we create beautiful and timeless body adornments that enhance your spiritual growth we create beautiful and…

  • Publish Date: 16-06-18
  • Price: £25.00

Waist beads has grown in popularity where it is now a trend of its very own. They have taken on a special meaning and interpretations. Waist beads have a long ..

Waist beads has grown in…

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Maxman automatic ⌚️ Maxman automatic ⌚️

  • Publish Date: 26-05-18
  • Price: £40.00

Maxman automatic leather strap dress ⌚️ A stylish men's strap watch from renowned watchmaker maxman. Set with a black rubber strap for maximum comfort and flexibility, the stainless steel case boasts a contemporary silver tone, set with a black…

Maxman automatic leather strap…

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  • Publish Date: 19-05-18
  • Price: £5.00

Neicey’s Jewels is a jewellery company that offers a variety of different services to women of all ages, these services include jewellery parties and personal styling. We’ve created a platform for women to express themselves confidently through jewellery…

Neicey’s Jewels is a jewellery…

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offering urban chic silver jewellery, gifts and accessories for the frugal fashionista. offering urban chic silver…

  • Publish Date: 29-04-18
  • Price: £17.50

We are an independent family run online boutique and gift shop based in Two Mile Ash, Milton Keynes offering urban chic silver jewellery, gifts and accessories for the frugal fashionista. Our collection is classy and fabulous yet timeless and stylish …

We are an independent family…

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Afrikrea is a market place to discover, buy and sell african inspired items Fashion - Art - Handicraft. Afrikrea is a market place to…

  • Publish Date: 19-04-18
  • Price: Free

Afrikrea is a market place to discover, buy and sell african inspired items Fashion - Art - Handicraft. it was build to offer :To the buyers: the transparency and informations needed to fulfill their cravings their own and the safest way possible.Buy on…

Afrikrea is a market place…

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