Classifieds commonly asked queries

Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions on the classifieds section on black united. Take some minutes to browse through them. If you continue to have queries, don’t hesitate to contact U.S..

First some necessary notes.

Do I actually have to register? 

You only got to register if you would like to put a commercial. you'll browse and reply to the ads while not registering.

How do I place AN ad? 

You can notice a step by step guide on a way to place a commercial by clicking new advert.

Will users be ready to see my personal information? 

No. the data that you simply give throughout registration doesn't show au fait your ads, solely your user name. and details you place in advert.

How much will it price to post an ad? 

Classified ads on black united are free. Your solely needed to pay a fee if you would like to feature your advert.

What is a Featured Ad? 

Featured ads ar highlighted on the most classifieds page and perpetually seem that the highest of the ad listings, each within the “Browse All” listing and also the individual classes. People who like higher viewers tend to feature their ad to get the advantage of having their ad should more visible among the numerous free ads. Featured ads are £10 for a two-week amount.

How do I get hold of featured ad? 

When you fill out your ad form, if you're in a very free section, the listing will notify you the cost your ad prices to feature. it'll additionally give you the chance to upgrade your ad to top of free ads. Once you've got created your free ad, you'll be ready to choose if you would like to pay by credit or bit coin.

If you selected to pay by credit card, the website will forward you to stripe. Their secure servers can permit you to pay for your ad while not the concern of your data being taken. you do not got to have a stripe account to pay through them. Once you've paid, your ad are going to be approved and can begin showing on the location. 

With some exceptions, we tend to solely accept payments on-line or by mail. 

Can you pay for ads earlier, instead of on every occasion I post? 

Yes. we will open your account to permit you to pay once a month or maybe longer. To do this, you can email us (or at our Contact page).

My ad was approved however I don’t see it. What gives? 

Sometimes browsers can cache an on-line page and striking “refresh” doesn't perpetually work to really refresh the page. attempt a “Ctrl+Shift+R” to force a full refresh. ninety nine percent of the time, that fixes the problem and shows that your ad is, indeed, posted.

If you've got alternative queries, don’t hesitate to contact U.S.. simply click on on the “Contact Us” link within the menu close to the highest of the page.