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Published 19-05-18

I am school of excellence

Location: LONDON
Chobham Academy, 40 Cheering Lane, Stratford, London, UK E20 1BD
07546 429 628


The I AM SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE™ follows x5 key core values that we believe contribute greatly to the positive growth of young men and women:

EDUCATION - We aim to instil the importance of education in your child so that they appreciate how in the long run, the qualifications they gain from school will help them to be whoever they aspire to be. We also encourage the importance of critical thinking, so that your child will be motivated to self educate themselves about matters that they are passionate about.

RESPECT - This is a fundamental value at the I Am School of Excellence™ because both adults and children will need to demonstrate their ability to give respect to the beliefs, cultures and traditions of others within and outside of the black community. By demonstrating this, it will result in them gaining respect in all aspects of life.

INSPIRATION - The most important thing we can do as people for each other, is to inspire. We aim for your children to feel inspired about all aspects of the I Am School of Excellence™ so that they will grow to be the inspirations that they were destined for.

OPTIMISM - "The mind is everything. What you think, you become." - Buddhist. Optimism is at the heart of everything the I Am School of Excellence™ believes. In order for your child to have a successful experience with us, it is important that we are able to help assist their minds into thinking more positively about themselves.

MOTIVATION - We understand first hand, that sometimes life does throw challenges in our way and some of our children are no stranger to this understanding from very early on in their lives. By using our inspiration and optimism core value, your child will be encouraged to stay motivated to achieve all that they want in life and will soon learn with us, that many of life's challenges are lessons that can be overcome. We aim to provide a safe and friendly atmosphere that will provide them with the extra push they may need to get through each day.


Overall, our aim is to provide your child with an extra curricular, educational experience that will inspire and motivate them to demonstrate respect and optimism in all that they do.

Learning about the traditions and cultures of the black African and Caribbean communities that they are surrounded by will provide them with 'knowledge-of-self' which is what seems to be sadly missing from many within the community. Having 'knowledge-of-self' in terms of their own history will provide any individual with the tools necessary to succeed on the path they travel along in the future.


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