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Published 27-03-19

Mrs Gina Abbequaye

Location: LONDON
0208 520 4186


The Lord is the Master of our school

Philosophy statement
At Hyland House School we recognise that God, the Creator and Sustainer of the earth, and the entire universe, is the source of knowledge and wisdom. He created us in perfect humanity. As a result of sin, humans lost this original state. We believe that through Christian Education, with faith in Christ, we can be restored in the image of our Maker.

Through the educational programme offered at our school, our goal is to prepare children for effective citizenship on this earth and for rewarding citizenship in the new earth.

Hyland House School is one of more than five thousand schools, colleges and universities operated throughout the world by the Seventh-Day Adventist Organisation.We are a Christ-centered, dynamic, co-educational School small enough for each child to remain an individual and not lose his/her personal identity. The school’s warm, friendly atmosphere supported by firm yet kindly discipline provides an environment in which children may develop their abilities with confidence.Self-reliance, courtesy, thoughtfulness for others, respect for people, property and rules, are important aspects of school life.We aim to produce confident & well rounded individuals who, within a supportive and friendly community, have developed their potential academically, culturally & socially and are empowered to become positive and effective citizens within the 21st century world, with the character to live out the principle of ‘Achieving Excellence’. This is largely due to a team of Christian, talented, professional and committed staff that care for their students.
At Hyland House, we are striving towards ensuring that all our pupils have the essential knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes to enable them to achieve in a changing world. Our aspirations for our children throughout the 21st Century encompass technology and the development of learning communities where education is viewed as a lifelong activity. At Hyland House, high standards of teaching and learning underpin a commitment to success for all, where everyone feels safe, valued and fulfilled.

At our core, we believe in traditional values. We expect and demand good manners, discipline and respect. We understand the need to deliver the highest possible academic standards for all pupils and make sure that they are stretched in order to reach their full potential.

This website will give you an insight into our school and I welcome all parents wishing to visit us during the school day.


Head Teacher

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